Modern Facilities

At the time of the restoration of St. Peter's in the 1990's, rest rooms plus a kitchenette were built separately in order to offer modern facilities for an expanded use of the property by the public. A private well, required in Grand Detour, provides a good water supply.

The Kitchenette is equipped with a refrigerator and a Bunn coffee maker. Although there are no dressing rooms as such, brides and grooms have used the separate building for adjustments to their wedding attire just prior to the wedding ceremony.



Outdoor Activities

The location of the church on two large city lots means there is ample room for a caterer to set up a tent, making possible a wedding reception at the church. The church does not own a tent for this kind of use.

As a result of its location and facilities, church picnics can easily be organized on the grounds. The large lots permit adequate room for children's games, outdoor seating in the shade, and the opportunity to have an outdoor barbecue.